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R & D

Sate of the art Research and development (R&D) for aqua, poultry and cattle include activities that Apple Bio Group undertakes to innovate and introduce new products and services. It is often the first stage in the development process. The goal is typically to take new products and services to market and add to the company's bottom line. It refers to future-oriented, longer-term activities in technology using similar techniques to scientific research but directed toward desired outcomes and with broad forecasts of commercial yield. The main goal of the R&D department is the generation of information and knowledge to resolve gaps in the face of many technical advances and innovations leading the growth of productivity through the continuous improvement of production processes and parameters and the introduction of higher quality and added value standards in products. It enables the delivery of the highest quality, scientifically supported products to clients and prospects. There may be an improvement and development of new products, the achievements in production parameters, as well as reaching the discovery of possible new solutions to unknown diseases that may arise. Good performing Research & Development facilities are fundamental to achieving reliable and useful test results that can be verified and validated over time. Results from trials add new knowledge to the development of high-performance feed & healthcare products consider trials to be valuable to our customers.



Apple Bio Group utilizes its own research center to develop products and technology which would improve the performance and sustainability of the animal farming. Innovate new products to develop by identifying the emerging customer needs Before launching new products it is thoroughly tested in live animals in R&D bioassay. Conducts several trials for better performance both in Indoor & Outdoor. Main focus is products with international quality standards and sustainable usage. Animal nutrition must now include understanding of public values related to the treatment of animals and an increased awareness of diseases of animal origin that affect humans. The sustainability of livestock production will benefit from continuous improvement on issues such as optimizing diets to improve animal digestibility, water management, or genetic resources.


Shrimp, Fish, Poultry, Cattle nutrition aspects for best growth. Optimization of growth and sustainable production, ROI. Disease prevention, Nutrition deficiency & recovery by different healthcare products. Feed and pond & farm management. Farm management techniques. New species viability with healthcare products. Best animal husbandry practices.


The one-stop service food innovation centre will deliver nutritional and safe foods at world-class quality to consumer around the world. Apple Bio Group is having in-house R&D innovation centre where it continuously tests the performance different brands of Probiotics and other products. Outdoor facility supports commercial viability of the new products and good techniques to be applied for higher production and profits. Before launching a new product, it is thoroughly tested on live animals in the R&D Bio-assay. A dedicated R&D team with Microbiologists and Biotechnologists conduct several trials under the supervision of highly qualified Nutritionist.